Jaarbeurs Utrecht
The Analytical Challenge is a congress on analytical chemistry. The organization is in the hands of the Section Analytical Chemistry (SAC) of the KNCV and C2W.



The Analytical Challenge is a congress on analytical chemistry. On this day the latest developments in this field will be discussed and you can meet  and share knowledge with colleagues in the analytical chemistry.

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SAC workgroups:
- Discussiongroup Scheidingsmethoden voor Polymeren
- Workgroup Bioanalyse (Fabian)
- Capillaire Electroforese gebruikersgroep
- Workgroup Atoomspectrometrie
- Workgroup Scheidingsmethoden (WGS)

Other organisations:
- KNCV Section Forensics
- Nederlandse Vereniging voor Massaspectrometrie (NVMS)
- HBO-zaken/ DAS